Many of our competitors surprise you with these terms and conditions and their charges are a lot higher than us. With Transit Driving School, there are no hidden charges, what you see is what you get. 

Terms and Conditions



Transit driving school is offering a cash payment promotion that must be paid in 6 months from the registration date. If the full amount is not paid within 6 months, a fee of 50.00$ will be charged. Per courtesy, we will accept 1 payment by credit card. The remaining payments must be paid by cash or debit.



Once bought, books are not refundable or exchangeable. Students must acquire a new Road Access Binder at the time of registration. Books are not refundable. The book must be brought to each theory class. Students will be refused to enter the class without the book. A student arriving more than 15 minutes late to a theory class is considered absent. The retake fee will apply in this case.



It is the student’s responsibility to note down the theory and driving appointments. Transit Driving School is not obligated to call the students to remind them about their classes.



  • You must e-mail Transit Driving School 48 hours / 2 working days in advance to postpone or cancel any theory or driving session. Otherwise a retake fee of $45 per driving and $25 per theory session will apply. The retake fee is due prior to scheduling any other lessons.


  • If the student is sick, they need to bring an authentic note from a hospital Only with the hospital note, the retake fee to be cut in half.  Without the hospital note, the full retake fee will apply. *Please take note that we will only accept one hospital note per student during the progression of the entire course at Transit Driving School.


  • It is the student’s responsibility to sign the attendance sheet when attending a theoretical or practical session. If the student forgets to sign the attendance sheet, the class must be retaken.


  • In car sessions are 50 minutes each (5min briefing + 40min driving + 5 min debriefing).


  • Transit Driving School reserves the right to postpone or cancel courses without notice in case of extreme weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


  • The school admin reserves the right to refuse anyone who appears to be under the influence or not fit to attend a theory or driving session. Retake fee will apply in this case.


  • A student cannot drive if they do not have a valid learner's permit or do not carry their learner's permit on them. A student that is more than 15 minutes late to a driving appointment is considered absent. The retake fee will apply in this case.

Transfers from another driving school to Transit driving school

If you have started the Road Safety Education Program at another school and wish to resume your courses with Transit driving school, you must bring your attestation (given by your initial driving school for free) to sign up. The price will depend on the amount of classes you have left.



Internal transfers

Transit driving school’s students who wish to attend a theory class at another one of our locations:

Option 1) A fee of $10 will be charged per theory class that you attend at a location other than the one you are registered at. (This option is only offered for theory classes). Driving lessons has to be done at the school that you are registered.


  • From and to: Snowdon  Laval  Chomedey  Lasalle ↔ Lionel-Groulx  Chateauguay ↔ West-Island 


Option 2) If you wish to permanently change locations and resume your classes at another one of our branches A fee of $75 + the diffrence of price will be charged. You will be able to keep the same contract and balance.

Snowdon  Laval  Chomedey  West-Island  Chateauguay  Mont-royal

  Lasalle ↔ Lionel-Groulx.


Contract cancelation

For any reason you are not satisfied with our services you can always cancel your contract and get a refund for incomplete classes.

If for some reason we can no longer provide services satisfactory to our clients or their individul needs we reserve the right to terminate their contract. A reimburse will be issued without any cancelation fee in this case.


Duration of Contract

It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of the contract expiration date, Transit Driving School is not obligated to remind anyone of when their contract is comming to an end.


Transit driving school gives you a contract with a maximum duration of 18 months (549 days). The complete course could be finished in 6 to 7 months but because of canceled classes, vacations, breaks and unexpected situations either from your side or ours, we give you 18 months to complete. For any reasons your contract expires and program is not completed, an additional fee of $150 will be charged to re-open an expired file for a period of 6 months.


If your contract has been expired for more than two years, the renewal fee will be 200$

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

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