If you ever had a driving licence or a learner's licence in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada please contact SAAQ 514-873-5803 to find out if it's necessary to do the new program.

If you are not a canadian citizen you must contact the SAAQ 514-954-7771 to find out if you are eligible for the new program.


Phase 1 is a prerequisite for a learner’s license. You can attend any of these modules in any order. However, Module 5 (Evaluation) can only be attended if all previous Modules were completed.

Duration: 28 days minimum.


In Module 5, Students will undergo a theoretical exam prepared by the SAAQ. After passing this test, Transit driving school will issue an attestation certifying successful completion of Phase 1. Student will have to go to the SAAQ with the attestation to get their learner’s permit.

If you are a Canadian citizen, here are the documents you will need.


If you are not Canadian citizen, you must call 514-954-7771 to make an appointment to open a file with the SAAQ.

Have everything you need:

The original Attestation (provided by the school), the health insurance card, the original birth certificate and the written consent of the father, mother or legal guardian if you are under 18.



Phase 2 is combined of 2 theoretical modules and 4 individual in car sessions. Duration: 28 days minimum.


Module 6 focuses on accompanied driving, which is mandatory in Québec for all learners permit holders. Individuals who will participate as accompanying riders are invited to attend this class with the learners; this module covers the importance of accompanied driving, their role as accompanying rider and the tools that are available to them.


Module 7 covers the OEA driving strategy to enable drivers to improve their ability to detect dangers and anticipate risks.


In-car sessions 1 to 4 focus on basic vehicle maneuvers and adopting safe, cooperative and responsible behavior in simple driving environments.



Phase 3 is combined of 3 theoretical modules (2x50min each module) and 6 in car sessions (50 min each).

Duration: 56 days minimum


Module 8 is entirely devoted to speeding, which is a major cause of offences and accidents among young drivers age 16 to 24.


Module 9 focuses on sharing the road, particularly with vulnerable users (pedestrians, cyclists, moped and motorized scooter operators, motorcyclists, etc.) as well as heavy vehicles and emergency vehicles.


Module 10 covers alcohol and drugs, also significant causes of offences and accidents among young drivers


In-car sessions 5 to 10, provide candidates with the opportunity to learn more complex driving maneuvers and to adopt safe, cooperative and responsible behavior in a variety of driving environments.


Phase 4 is combined of 2 theoretical modules (2x50min each module) and 5 in car sessions (50 min each).

Duration: 56 days minimum


Module 11 completes the training on other risk factors – driver fatigue and distractions behind the wheel.


Module 12 covers Eco-driving.


If you have held your learner’s permit for at least 10 months and have completed Modules 11 and 12, you are eligible for the SAAQ knowledge test. You Have to call 514-873-5803 for an appointment or schedule one on line.  You can schedule the SAAQ road test immediately after having passed the knowledge test

In-car sessions 11 to 14 provide learners with opportunities to further their ability to maneuvers the vehicle and adopt safe, cooperative and responsible behaviors in a variety of environments.


In car session 12 and 13 are combined for two learners. On a rotating basis students will be the observer and then be the driver.


In-car session 15 is a summary of what was learned during the in-car sessions, in preparation for the S.A.A.Q road test.



By the road test date you will have had your learner’s permit for 12 months and you must have completed the last 4 driving lessons (in-car sessions 11 to 14). You will need to present your valid learner’s permit as well as a new attestation from Transit Driving School. If you are still under 18 years of age you will need another consent form filled out by our parents which can be downloaded


Applicable SAAQ fees will apply.

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