Q:Who can apply for a driving license in Quebec?
A: Anyone who has legal status in Canada and is 16 years old or


Q: How long will it take to get my driving license in Quebec?
A: Between 13 and 18 months.


Q: What is a recommended driving school?

A: since January 17th, 2010, the driving courses became compulsory in Quebec. The AQTR (Quebec Roads and Transportations Association) is in charge of the training of monitors and instructors, to supply the teaching equipment required as well as to verify that driving schools will respect the contents of the compulsory driving courses.


The AQTR supply and also watch the certificates of the courses confirming that the course is statutory and was done properly indeed as a whole.


Only recommended schools that are accredited by the AQTR are allowed to give the mandatory driving course and supply these certificates allowing you to get a driving license.


Q: As a new applicant can I get my driving license without doing the theory?

A: Absolutely not. Every new driver must follow the Road Safety Education Program.

Q: I was holding a driving license from another country; do I perform the examinations again? 

A: Not always, some countries have a reciprocity agreement with Canada. This agreement makes it possible to exchange the driving license (in the two directions) provided that this one is valid. As an example, most of the European countries and all of the American States have such an agreement with Canada. The first step would be to contact an office of the SAAQ (514-873-7620) where you will be in measure to obtain such information


Q: Can I start driving after registering for a driving course?
A: No, you must do the first 5 theory lessons and pass an evaluation test to get your learners permit. You can start driving with the learners permit as long as you are accompanied by a driver who has a valid Quebec driving license for at least two years.

Q: How much does it cost?
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